1990 Founding of the company as a Sole Proprietorship under the name of “STROIPROTECTINVEST- ТТ”
1995 The start of mattress production with trade mark TED.
2000 First full-production-cycle factory with area of 6000 m2
2001 First production of bonnell spring units.
2004 Rapid expansion and gaining share of 50% in the domestic market.
2005 First production of individually packed springs - pocket spring units. By the end of 2006, the company is the leading producer of spring units on the Balkan Peninsula.
2006 Introduction of Roll-Pack Technology - the latest technology for packing mattresses. The company is the first to offer high-quality spring mattress in a easy-to-handle, compact roll.
2007 Completing the construction of new factory with total area of 24.000 m² and equipped with the latest machinery and technologies in the industry. With its size and technological organization, it becomes one of the leading factories in Europe.
2009 Establishing “TED CAPITAL” AD as a holding structure. TED BED EAD is the company within the holding, which produces the products with TED brand.
2011 Finalising installation of SAP system.
2014 Investment of € 2 Million in implementation of the latest technology for processes optimization.
2015 The brand TED is awarded .
2016 Finilising a project of complete rebranding, thanks to which TED presents new and modern image, as well as new portfolio.