<strong>i-Springs Super Comfort</strong>
i-Springs Super Comfort intelligent technology of individually packaged springs, each in a separate pocket. The springs could be multi-nano- or micro pocket. They react accurately to different pressures with different force and provide flexible but stable support to the body.
<strong> b-Springs Orthopedic</strong>
b-Springs Orthopedic Classic Bonnell technology in which the springs are interconnected and provide a sense of stability; the hightech processing makes them extremely strong and durable under pressure.
ErgoLatex Gentle support with natural elasticity and ergonomics. This technology allows the body to take a natural position during sleep without any feeling of tension and resistance when turning.
<strong>AirFlex Technology</strong>
AirFlex Technology A formula comprising varieties of polyurethane foam enriched with various minerals and herbal extracts. It contributes to revitalization of the body through healthy sleep thanks to the amber, zeolite and neroli added to the composition.
<strong>Memo Sense Technolgy</strong>
Memo Sense Technolgy Responding to the body temperature, the varieties of memory foam easily adapt to body shape and curves without causing any tension and pressure during sleep.
<strong>Bio Rhythmic Technology</strong>
Bio Rhythmic Technology high-tech processing of textiles used in high-end mattresses. Fabric is treated with minerals, which carry a natural energy charge and synchronize the vibrations of the human body while restoring the normal biorhythm.