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Nord Star mattress

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Intelligent I-Spring Super Comfort technologyfeaturing 2000 points of support and impressive height creates a unique sense of good support and freedom of movement while a coconut layer contributes to enhanced stability of the structure. The built-in topper made of foam and enrichedwith neroli oil, an ergonomic latex layer and nanosprings allows the adjustment of the mattress firmness according to the desired feeling of comfort. Luxury BioRhythm textiles treated with minerals according to a special formula care for your biorhythmic balance and healthy sleep; these textiles contain wool and cotton for both summerand winter comfort
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Description of the product

Materials: Multi Pocket Spring Unit ,coconut, high resilience HR foam, high-quality textiles BioRhythm (2.9% BAMBOO / 26.4% COT /70.7% PES), wadding (cotton / polyester), wadding (wool / polyester), polyurethane foam, cotton textiles (100%), Biorhythmic treatment.

Toppers: Nano-springs, latex, NeroPur TM foam,case with zipper of high-quality BioRhythm textiles and interior cotton case (100%)

Height: 35 cm (+/-1cm)

Care: Защита /гладене/ - Не се препоръчва. Защита /избелване/ - Не се препоръчва избелване. Защита /изпиране/ - Не се препоръчва. Защита /други/ - Почистващ препарат за матраци. Защита /сушене/ - Не се препоръчва.
NeroPur® NeroPur®
Coconut Coconut
TED Biorhytimic energizing textile TED Biorhytimic energizing textile
ErgoLatex ErgoLatex
i-Springs Super Comfort i-Springs Super Comfort
10 years 10 years

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