Multipocket A system of individually packaged springs with more than 400 independent supporting points per square metre that react accurately to movements and body shape and provide optimum support without a feeling of tension and pressure.
Micropocket Individually packed springs of compact size. Extremely flexible, they support the body and create a sense of gentle support. The minimum resistance to movements makes the system highly ergonomic.
Nanosprings innovative technology that combines multiple springs of extremely small diameter and height. Individually packaged and placed directly on the surface, they react gently to pressure and provide light support.
Bonell Classic and well recognized technology. Springs connected to each other provide sustained support even at points of greatest pressure. Durable and robust system with good flexibility and long service life.
Polyurethane material with good density that supports the body without creating points of tension. Polyurethane is an easy material to shape, which gives further anatomical properties.
High Resilient Foam
High Resilient Foam Provides outstanding support and is suitable for creating zones with different levels of hardness that meet the specifics of the human body for even weight distribution, maximum stability and good anatomic properties.
Latex Excellent elasticity and flexibility. Latex envelops the body’s curves and eliminates the feeling of pressure by enabling calm and natural movements. It possesses excellent ergonomic properties and structure with openings that allows free air circulation.
Memory Foam
Memory Foam Very adaptable and sensitive to temperature material. Reacts to body heat and acquires the precise shape of the body, memorizing each movement. Improves comfort and creates a feeling of softness.
Zeofoam innovative foam with zeolite – a natural mineral widely used as a natural detoxifying agent. The mineral porous structure possesses a strong absorbing and anti-bacterial effect, which prevents perspiration and growth of microorganisms.
Ambra foam
Ambra foam Unique foam, enriched with crushed amber. Amber is a natural anti-stress and anti-toxic remedy that stimulates the nervous system and acts favourably to a number of conditions.
Nero pur
Nero pur High-end foam with extracts of neroli with a slight floral aroma and natural elasticity. Beneficial and soothing effect of neroli promotes balanced and deep sleep.
Cool gel
Cool gel Memory foam with drops of cooling gel. The cooling effect of the gel maintains a nice and cool environment for sleep and texture gives an even greater adaptability and softness to the foam.
Aqua memory
Aqua memory Foam with a special open cell structure, allowing the material to breathe freely. It reacts to the body heat and adapts to its shape, eliminating tension and pressure.
Coconut Coconut fibres are outstanding due to their durability and excellent insulating properties, while allowing adequate ventilation in the product.
Cotton Cotton fibres are naturally soft and fabrics made from cotton are delicate and gentle to the skin. They have natural antibacterial properties, have excellent moisture absorption and provide comfort and freshness.
Bamboo Bamboo fibres are very fine and possess properties that prevent the growth of bacteria and unpleasantodours. Good absorbing properties prevent sweating and the skin stays clean and dry.
Wool Entirely natural material with excellent insulating properties that provides warmth in the winter and coolness in the summer. Brings a pleasant volume and density, which makes it very suitable for luxury covers and fillings.