The main theories related to the magnetic fields activated by the earth were developed by Hartmann and Curry.
Hartmann’s net exists along the entire surface of the earth and represents a grid of rectangles each having the length of 2 m in the north-south direction and 2.5 m in the east-west direction. The strongest radiation comes from the intersection points of the sides of each integral part of the grid – one point having a positive charge, and the other one a negative charge, but both having unfavorable influence on people. The radiation has a vertical effect even in the top floors of buildings. Underground water streams seem to have the same negative influence.

The most unfavorable situation is when the intersection points of Hartmann’s net overlap with a person’s bed or work place, and when there is an overlap with available underground water streams – these are generally referred to as geopathogenic zones. People living in such conditions feel weak, have low energy – they are always tired, especially in the mornings, they are also exhausted, nervous and get ill very frequently.

It is believed that a large portion of illnesses is caused by those geopathogenic zones. The possibility of a serious illness and a drop in energy levels increases with the number of years we spend sleeping or working in such intersection points and in areas where such points overlap with underground water streams.