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Diva Bed Base with 3 drawers

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A practical solution for the modern bedroom. The Diva Bed is a great combination of luxury, comfort and practicality. The base consists of wooden construction with practical drawers and built-in low bonnell springs – optimal support that provides additional flexibility to the mattress placed on it. The luxurious upholstery fabric gives a beautiful and attractive look. It is offered with 3 drawers.

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12 x 0.00 лв.
Description of the product

Time for making a bed: up to 30 working days after sending the order

Bed hieght without legs≈ 63 cm

Base: Н: ≈38 cm (±1 cm)
  • Solid pine wood base with drawers;
  • Hard felt;
  • Low height bonnell spring unit;
  • PU foam layer; PU foam boards;
  • Wadding; High quality fabric
Mattress: Н: ≈19 cm (±1 cm)
  • Hard felt;
  • Pocket spring unit reinforced
  • with flat frame;
  • PU foam layers;
  • PU foam boarder; High quality furniture fabric
Top Mattress: Н: ≈6 cm (±1 cm)
  • Silicone wadding;
  • Core mattress optional (Memory foam, Latex, HR foam, PU foam);
  • Removable cover from high quality fabric

Delivery for all products outside the BEDs category - 15 working days.

Delivery of bed - 30 working days / made specifically for the client upon request /.

Supply of hotel furniture - by an individual offer. 

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