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TED BED EAD was awarded as the most important contributor to SOS Children's Villages

On February 1st, the Central Military Club started a ceremony of the Annual Awards of SOS Children's Villages Bulgaria "One Family".

Among the guests were corporate and media partners, individual donors and SOS adherents - part of "One Family". They all celebrated family, partnership, and shared values.

The official part of the ceremony started with the awarding of the most important corporate partners of 2017 - among the winners is TED BED EAD!

The Association SOS Children's Villages Bulgaria is part of the large family SOS Children's Villages International, which takes care of nearly 2,500,000 children in 135 countries around the world. In Bulgaria the Association started its activity in 1990.

Over a quarter of a century, SOS Children's Villages Bulgaria provides a family and healthy environment for the development and growth of children deprived of parental care and children at risk of losing their parents' protection.

 It is an honor for TED to be part of SOS Children's Villages Bulgaria "One Family".

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