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Pregnancy advice - How to sleep better?


For many expecting mothers, a good quality sleep through the night is just a distant memory. Although it is common, the lack of sleep during pregnancy may affect the health of the young mother.


Here are some tips for pregnant women who would like to get a little more sleep before their lives change forever with the arrival of the newborn baby.


1. Make your sleep a priority during pregnancy.

It is important for pregnant women to have a sleeping routine that includes regular bedtime. There are people who really benefit from setting an alarm to remind them in the evening that it's time to put everything aside and relax for the next 30-60 minutes and later go to bed.


2. Create a relaxed sleeping environment.

Make sure your room is dark, quiet, cool and comfortable. This will help you as a future mother to get a better sleep, which in turn will prepare you to be in shape for the upcoming labor.


3. Monitor the quantity of fluids you take throughout the day.

Beginning in the first trimester and continuing throughout the pregnancy, the need for more frequent urination can lead to a night walk to the toilet. To alleviate this problem, drink plenty of fluids during the day, but reduce them in the evening, so that visits to the bathroom do not interrupt your sleep.


4. Get help with sleep disorders that occur during pregnancy.

It is possible that weight gain during the third trimester of pregnancy may cause medical sleep disorders such as sleep apnea. Sleep disturbances can affect pregnant women in the same way when they were not pregnant. It is advisable for every pregnant woman to discuss sleep problems with her doctor and seek treatment, both during and after pregnancy, for any sleep disorder.


5. Use pillows to relieve discomfort.

Common heartburn, back pain, or leg cramps are causes that can disturb the sleep of a future mother. Avoid spicy foods and keep your head supported on pillows to relieve heartburn. Using extra pillows to support your back, legs and abdomen will help reduce pain and make you feel more comfortable at night.


Do not forget that early pregnancy is a good time to evaluate the mattress you sleep on. If it is about eight years old, it is bumpy, uneven or just no longer comfortable, it is a great time to change it. The sales team of TED #puresenseofbeing will happily help you find the right mattress for you and your baby. Then you can get the quality sleep you need for the rest of your pregnancy.


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