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5 reasons to remove the electronic devices from the bedroom


 Electronics seem to be part of all aspects of our lives. From monitoring breathing and body activity to tracking the REM cycle and making shopping lists, technology is at every corner. But how can you improve the quality of your sleep with all these things that are trying to grab your attention? We at TED #puresenseofbeing will help you leave your devices aside, giving you some good reasons to remove the electronics from your bedroom.

 How does technology affect sleep?

There is no doubt on the subject - sleep is important - it allows your body to recover, so you are ready for the next day. But did you know that if you use electronic devices just before bedtime, that could affect your sleep negatively? Here are the 5 reasons to completely remove the electronics from the bedroom:


1. Blue light keeps you awake.

Your phone, computer, and other electronic devices emit blue light that stimulates your brain and keeps you awake. You can put a screen to block the blue light on your device to use it right before bed if necessary, and still get the sleep you need so much at night. There are even glasses that block blue light, and they work the same way – these solutions will allow you to quickly switch between different devices while protecting your brain and eyes from the unpleasant light.

2. Technology takes a long time.

We've all done this: you want to check one thing on Facebook and before you know it, you've spent two hours browsing the social media. When you check your social media accounts at night, it can take out of your sleeping hours. Try to set a curfew for the use of electronic devices in the bedroom and charge your phone elsewhere instead of the bedside table. This will also give you more time to spend with your partner, pet, or favorite book.

3. Your bedroom should be designed for rest and relaxation.

The never-ending vibrations and notifications engage your mind on the stress of everyday life and work when you should actually be preparing for sleeping. A bedroom without electronic devices (by setting a curfew, putting the phone in silent mode, etc.) can help with the stress that constant communication can cause. Without a phone, a TV, or a computer, you'll have more time to relax.

4. Electronics can be harmful to your health.

In addition to taking the amount of sleep your body needs in order to stay healthy, just like food and water, your mobile phone emits a small amount of radiation. While you sleep, you do not need your phone, and there is no point in it being near you. If you still need to have your phone in the bedroom, make sure it is on a desk or a shelf instead of on the bed beside you.

5. Technology has a negative impact on relationships.

If you spend the evenings on your phone or computer, you may miss a good time with your partner or family. Instead of constantly checking social media and stalking your virtual friends, focus on the real people (and animals) in your life.

Do not get us wrong, the technology is great. After all, you use the Internet to order TED products (and thank you for that!). Just do not let technology come into your bedroom. Instead, spend more time with your loved ones and, of course, your favorite mattress!

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