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4 frequent complaints about mattresses


We at TED #puresenseofbeing talk to thousands of buyers of mattresses every year. Quite often people come to our stores because they are not happy with their current mattress. We are here to take these complaints into consideration and help you!


In this article, you will find the most common complaints we hear and our tips for solving them, so that you can get the sweet sleep you need, under the best conditions.


1. The mattress is very old.

Sometimes the problem with your mattress is not just one - it looks like nothing is right, just because your mattress is too old. Maybe it's worn out here and there, it's broken in a specific place, it's not the right size, or the technology is out of date. Some clients even say, "My mattress is just awful!" ... believe us, we've heard it all. We know everything about the old mattresses, the inconvenience and dissatisfaction they give to people by not providing them with a comfortable and quality sleep. So instead of waiting for your mattress to become too old, think about a new, stable mattress way ahead of time.


2. The mattress is very small.

Another complaint we often hear is that customers sleep on a mattress that is too small for their needs. The moment when your mattress becomes too small for you, can make your last purchase feel like a mistake, but it should not be like that. If you are looking for good offers, you can find great solutions to improve the comfort of your sleep. You can find excellent offers at TED's online store, so go directly to check them out -


To avoid this problem in advance, we recommend you to try to think about how your life will change in the coming years. It may make more sense than you think getting a bigger size bed to save yourself the future inconvenience and the obligation to sleep in a narrow bed for a few more years.


3. My mattress is not adjustable.

Have you heard of all the great benefits of the adjustable base? Well, people keep coming in and asking how they can find a similar one. We absolutely agree - the adjustable base is the best accessory for watching movies in the evening.


4. The mattress I want is too expensive for my budget.

This is a common complaint from someone who has not yet entered our stores - the price can be decisive and keep a person from investing in the quality of their sleep. The point is that you do not have to spend a lot in TED to get the best for you. And right now we offer great deals to make sure you can sleep on the mattress of your dreams. Dive in directly into our top offers, and ensure your calm and fulfilling sleep.

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