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Favourite Nova Orthopedic, orthopedic mattress

SKU: 23009008-1

A medical product with certificate № BG/CA01/MD0017/10.11.2017. TED presents to you Favourite Nova Orthopedic, a mattress from the TED Bed collection.

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12 x 33.40 лв.
Description of the product

TED presents to you Favourite Nova Orthopedic, a mattress from the TED Bed collection. An orthopedic mattress, registered by the Bulgarian Drug agency. This exclusive mattress is awarded with the highest quality, guaranteed by LGA laboratories, Germany. Favourite Nova Orthopedic is a practical and comfortable mattress and is our best-selling model in this class of mattresses.

This is the first mattress that is has been created with the intelligent i-Springs Super Comfort technology for precise support and with 7 separate zones of comfort. More than 400 little multi pocket springs respond to each movement, without transferring it to the neighboring points. Compact highly elastic foam provides maximum comfort and supports the orthopedic effect of this unique mattress, and the luxurious quilting with a layer of memory foam and soft antistatic fabric TED Balance provide additional comfort and softness to the whole body. The excellent ventilation of Favourite Nova Orthopedic has the ability to prevent the development of microorganisms and ensures clean surface with optimal temperature for the body during sleep.

Favourite Nova Orthopedic mattress from the TED BED collection is your solution, which can help you in many ways to achieve the desired long-lasting and peaceful sleep that you deserve.

Find the world of Favourite Nova Orthopedic, a registered orthopedic mattress from the TED BED collection!

Main characteristics:

  • Multi pocket package
  • Polyurethane foam
  • High-quality textile TED Balance with antistatic treatment / neutralizes the negative energy /ions/ accumulated during the day
  • Memory foam
  • PU foam
  • Two-sided
  • I-Springs Super Comfort technology
  • Non-woven textile
  • Made in Bulgaria
  • 20 cm (± 10%)
  • 10 years warranty

Care: Защита /гладене/ - Не се препоръчва. Защита /избелване/ - Не се препоръчва избелване. Защита /изпиране/ - Не се препоръчва. Защита /други/ - Почистващ препарат за матраци. Защита /сушене/ - Не се препоръчва.
Memory foam Memory foam
PU foam PU foam
CertiPUR CertiPUR
TED Balance anti-static textile TED Balance anti-static textile
i-Springs Super Comfort i-Springs Super Comfort
10 years 10 years

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