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Bergen Boxspring Bed

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The clean and natural appearance of the Bergen Bed is selected to suit any interior, giving an individual touch to the bedroom. It is characterized by outstanding quality and functionality. More than 1500 individually packed pocket springs for a twin-size bed ensure the body is in the correct position during sleep or rest. The topper is a perfect addition for more softness and comfort.

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12 x 0.00 лв.
Description of the product

Time for making a bed: up to 30 working days after sending the order

bed hieght without legs≈ 49 cm

Base: Н: ≈24 cm (±1 cm)

  • Solid pine wood base with slats;
  • Hard felt;
  • Pocket spring unit reinforced with flat frame;
  • PU foam layer;
  • PU foam board; Wadding;
  • High quality furniture
  • fabric

Mattress: Н: ≈19 cm (±1 cm)

  • Pocket spring unit reinforced with flat frames;
  • PU foam layers;
  • PU foam board;
  • Wadding;
  • High quality furniture
  • fabric

Top Mattress: Н: ≈6 cm (±1 cm)

  • Silicone wadding;
  • Core mattress optional (Memory foam, Latex, HR foam, PU foam);
  • Removable cover from high quality fabric

Delivery for all products outside the BEDs category - 15 working days.

Delivery of bed - 30 working days / made specifically for the client upon request /.

Supply of hotel furniture - by an individual offer. 

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